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About the New You Plan

The New You Plan specialises in helping people who are overweight with no health problems to lose weight using our nutritionally complete diet meal replacements.

We have developed over 40 delicious meal options, from shakes, soups, hot meals, meal bars, porridge, pancakes and omelettes. Each meal is nutritionally complete, containing 25% of your Recommended Daily Amounts of vitamins and minerals. We recommend you take 4 meals a day, to get 100% of your RDA, and to get an average of 600 calories a day.

We understand that losing weight is much more than what you eat and a lot about what goes on inside your mind, and the lifestyle that you live.

The New You Plan genuinely cares about helping people to not only lose weight, but to make the life long changes required to create a long lasting new you.

The New You Plan is based on 4 Core Areas

  • 1. Meals - We have over 40 nutritionally complete diet meals, take 4 meals a day for 600 calorie meal plan.
  • 2. Motivation - We have an amazing online support group with weight loss challenges, theme days, and meet ups. Our aim is to make your weight loss journey motivating and fun!
  • 3. Mindset - We have teamed up with Celebrity Life Coach Ali Campbell, to create a diet mindset program called #projectnewyou to help you change your mindset about food.
  • 4. Maintenance - When you get to your healthy target weight, we will be there to support you with our Momentum Maintainers group, refeed guide and life long support.

If you would like to get started with the new you plan, reach out to our friendly support team, who have been certified as Life Coaches by Ali Campbell. We can coach you to reach your healthy weight and to create the healthy lifestyle and mindset required to create your personal new you.

To book your free consultation call our team today:

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We ship to UK & Ireland, Europe and other countries, please contact us if you are outside of Europe for more information.