Diet Protein Porridge

 New You Plan Diet Porridge for Total Food Replacement VLCD 

 New You Plan Diet Porridge for Total Food Replacement VLCD & Safe Rapid Weight Loss Via Ketosis.

Breakfast time or supper time, anytime is a good time for a new you plan porridge diet meal replacement.  

It only takes a few minutes to cook The New You Plan diet porridge, and you can make it in the microwave or on the hob.  Simply add hot water and cook for a few minutes.

If you like your porridge in the morning, this will set you up for the day.   You can take the porridge along with the shakes, soups, bars and meals, to create ketosis in your body, which will help your body to burn your stored body fat as its primary fuel source, this gives you rapid weight loss, with the added bonus of no hunger and plenty of energy.

The New You Plan TFR Porridge is quite sweet, so you will probably not want to add any sweetner to it, but if you do, simply dissolve a tablet sweetner in some hot water and add to the porridge mixture.

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